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I'm a freelance data designer/developer. I design and build interactive data applications.



I'm a freelance designer/developer who specialises in data-driven applications. I'm the author of Frontend Charts and D3 in Depth, organiser of the Data Visualisation Brighton meetup and have a technical background spanning over 25 years in software, web development and data visualisation.

What do I do?

I like helping clients find the best way to explore, present & interact with their data simply, clearly and efficiently.

Working with me

I have a hands-on and pragmatic approach to working with clients. I don't farm out my work, so if you choose to work with me, you get to work with me!

How do I work?

I'm open to working in a variety of ways including:
  • Short/long-term consultancy
  • Data visualisation design support
  • Data-driven web application build support
  • Conceptual design and prototyping
  • Complete design and build of data visualisations/applications



Design of data-driven visualisations/applications following user interface design and data visualisation best practice.


Data visualisation/application builds (typically using HTML5, SVG, CSS3, JavaScript, D3, React, VueJS & Python).


Creation of conceptual designs and prototypes.


Consultancy on data visualisation/analysis projects.


Bespoke training in data visualisation, data analysis, D3 and more.

Client work

I've worked with a large number of clients, ranging from start-ups through to well-known organisations such as BBC, London Datastore & McGraw Hill. Highlights include:
Design and build of a new dashboard for the London Datastore. A highlight of the design are the key indicator 'at-a-glance' charts.
Design and build of an interactive to explore how falling solar photovoltaic cost impacts oil demand. Users can choose different scenarios and see the effect on the demand curves. Mathematical modelling and project direction by Carbon Tracker.
Build of dashboard for exploring organic food production and processing in Europe. Dashboard design by Arlene Birt.
Other client work includes:
  • - Design and build (JavaScript/React/D3) of an innovative chart for a industry leading publication
  • - Consultancy on improving data presentation within a legacy data-driven web application
  • - Design and build of a custom JavaScript histogram component for an analytics dashboard
  • - Design and build of a web application for creating, editing and sharing network diagrams
  • - Training internal development teams in D3.js
  • - Development support (JavaScript/D3/React) on large data visualisation project


Data-related projects I've designed and built to try out new and interesting ideas include:

Brexplorer is an interactive explorer of over 12,000 expense declarations during campaigning for the 2016 EU Referendum.
The aim was to design a user interface that makes it as easy as possible to explore this large dataset. The expenses can be aggregated in many ways using a drag and drop control and filtered by clicking. Each expense is represented by a bar segment which links to the original invoice.
Election Explorer is an interactive map of the 2017 UK General Election.
Each constituency is represented by a single tile, eliminating distortion due to differences in geographical area. Different modes allow the change in party to be visualised, gains/losses in each constituency, the majority in each constituency and the share of vote in each constituency.
Freelance Rates survey is an interactive for exploring data from a survey of freelancers.
For this project I was interested to see what happens if each respondent is represented by a single cell (rather than aggregating the results into bar or pie charts).
The results can be grouped and coloured according to the survey responses. There's also a storytelling element to this interactive which the user can click through.
This interactive was shortlisted for an Information is Beautiful award in 2014.
Vismio is an web based tool for creating visualisations from tabular data.
Comma separated value (CSV) data is pasted into Vismio and a packed circle, sunburst or tree visualisation is created using nesting specified by the user.
Visualisations can be exported as an HTML page or shared using a unique URL.
Who's Like Tatum is a network visualisation showing artists who're similar to one of the greatest jazz pianists ever, Art Tatum.
Data was compiled from the Last.FM API and transformed into a network layout based on an indicator of artist similarity. Clusters of sub-genres emerge from the network such as be-bop, swing and blues.
F1 Greatest Drivers plots the trajectory of every F1 driver in history, plotting their wins/podiums against races entered.
Other explorations include:

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