Building Data Visualisations for the Web (1 day workshop)

Data visualisation has been around for centuries but it’s recently become a hot-topic thanks to the likes of big-data, modern web-browsers and powerful programming libraries such as D3. We're now witnessing many more data visualisations that are innovative, visually appealing and deeply interactive.

This workshop will teach the basics of how to build a web-based data visualisation. The starting point is that you have a dataset that you wish to visualise (such as a spreadsheet) but lack the skills to create a web-based visualisation.

Eventbrite - Building Data Visualisations for the Web

Workshop content

Specifically we’ll cover:

  • the raw materials of a visualisation: HTML, SVG & CSS
  • how to use charting libraries such as Highcharts and Leaflet.js
  • how custom data visualisations using Snap.svg and/or D3.js are made
  • how to load in data from a spreadsheet, via a comma-separated value (CSV) file

With these skills you’ll be able to take a CSV file (exported from a spreadsheet) and generate a custom visualisation within a web-browser.

Who it's aimed at

Typically you might be:

  • an Excel user who wants to find novel ways to present their data
  • an aspiring data visualisation designer/developer
  • an aspiring web developer
  • fascinated by data and keen to learn what goes on under the hood
  • a manager who wants a better understanding of web-based data visualisation

At its heart, a web-based data visualisation isn’t much different to a normal website. So if you’ve made websites before, some of the workshop material will be familiar. If you’ve never made a website before don’t worry - this workshop will take you through the necessary steps.


The main requirement is that you have a desire to learn the likes of HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript. This is a coding workshop, so any previous programming experience will come in useful. Please bring with you a laptop with Sublime Text (or another code editor of your choice) installed. If you're serious about visualising your own datasets, then installing a web server such as MAMP, WAMP or XAMP will be useful, but not essential for this workshop.
Eventbrite - Building Data Visualisations for the Web

The 23rd October 2015 workshop is being run in conjunction with Andy Kirk's Master Data Visualisation 3-day workshops. If you book on my workshop, there'll be a 10% discount on Andy's workshop. Please contact me for more details.

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