Freelance data visualisation designer/developer. D3 + JavaScript. @animateddata

I design and build data visualisations for individuals, agencies and large (or small) organisations.

I'm also the author of D3 in Depth and run Data Visualisation Brighton.

Recent Work

Jul 2017: Tool for exploring D3's geographic projections

Aug 2016: F1 Greatest Drivers

Apr 2016: Launch of Vismio for exploring, creating and sharing charts from tabular data

Nov 2015: Shortlisted in Information is Beautiful Awards

Apr 2015: 2014 Freelance survey visualisation

Mar 2015: D3 network visualisation tutorial published in net magazine

Jan 2015: Who's Like Tatum? network visualisation

Dec 2014: UK Temperature 1910-2014 visualisation

Nov 2014: Tools and Libraries for Building Web-based Data Visualisations interactive tool

Oct 2014: London DataStore Dashboard

Oct 2014: F1 Timeline

May 2014: Started Data Visualisation Brighton Meetup group

May 2014: BBC's visualisation to celebrate 20 years of being online

Apr 2014: Interactive tool to help explain D3's enter and exit

Talks & Slides

Data Visualisation: Tools & Techniques (talk given at Internet of Things Meetup Brighton)

Trees and Networks using D3.js Layouts (talk given at Async Brighton & D3 London Feb 2015)

Data Visualisation on the Web (talk given at Data Visualisation Brighton Nov 2014 Meetup)

UX for Data Visualisation (workshop at UX Camp Brighton)

Visualising Data in the Browser (talk given at University of Brighton)

Data Visualisation in the Browser with D3 (talk given at Worthing Digital)

10 Views of a Single Dataset (talk given at London D3.js Meetup)


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