Introducing D3 (1 day workshop)

We've been visualising data for hundreds of years but recent developments in web-browser technology has led to it being more widespread and more interactive than ever before. A cornerstone of modern, interactive, web-based data visualisation is the D3 JavaScript library which facilitates the creation of powerful, interactive and beautiful data visualisations.

D3 is also one of the key technologies behind many of the stunning data visualisation pieces by the New York Times and Guardian.

This workshop aims to give a broad introduction to D3, answering questions such as:

  • What is D3?
  • What are its capabilities?
  • Where is it used?
  • How can it help me visualise my data?
  • How do I use it?

Workshop content

Specifically we will cover the following topics:

  • What is D3 and where does it fit in with existing tools such as Excel and Tableau?
  • Comparing D3's programmatic approach with tool-based approaches to data visualisation
  • Examples and insight into its use in the field
  • When and when not to use D3
  • Overview of D3's component architecture
  • How D3 fits in with web technologies such as HTML, SVG and JavaScript
  • Visualising hierarchical data with D3
  • Using D3's force layout for advanced visualisations (such as networks)
  • How D3's approach is a natural fit for creating custom designed visualisations
  • Related tools such as Vega, Crossfilter and dc.js

This is a primarily informational workshop, although there will be some code examples that you will be invited to explore yourself.

Who it's aimed at

This workshop is aimed at anyone who's heard wants to learn more about D3 and to find out about it's vast capabilities. It's a broad workshop aiming to show people what D3 is, rather than how to use D3. (To learn how to use D3, please look at my Hands-on and Further D3 workshops.)

Typically you would be a programmer or analyst who wants to spend a day finding out and asking questions about D3 or you could be a manager who wants to assess whether D3 is the right tool for your project.


There aren't any strong pre-requisites for this workshop besides an enquiring mind and a desire to learn more about D3. There will be some hands-on code examples so if you'd like to try these for yourself, please bring a laptop or tablet with a browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox installed.


Typically the workshop will be held in a comfortable and central setting. Tea, coffee and water will be provided.

Cancellation policy

Places may be cancelled up to 2 weeks before the workshop.

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